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A 3 month program for small businesses, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to take control of their content planning!


You will walk out of our time together with a social media strategy in place, multiple months worth of content, and the tools to maintain it all after the program ends.


Hosted by Darcy Boucher
Founder & CEO at Bowda Creative Co.

Hi! I'm Darcy, your host and chief cheerleader here at The Content Club! 

I'm an entrepreneur, marketing/communications professional, and Canadian Armed Forces Veteran with 14 years of service as a Naval Reservist. After suffering a serious injury that left me unable to walk for 6+ months, I founded Bowda Creative Co. (then known as Bowda PR, Communications and Consulting)  out of a need to leverage my marketing skills, support small businesses as these new social networks came on the scene, and maintain a remote lifestyle in order to recover. 

I've always been drawn to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits - the common denominator being they all typically are incredibly passionate about what they do, have a compelling "why" and make our job as storytellers exciting. Over the years our business grew and we've worked with larger and larger organizations, but always maintain some space to serve those we started this business for. 

This program is also another way that I am so excited to serve you. Hiring someone to manage your social media isn't accessible to everyone, and we are huge advocates for meeting our clients where they are at and offering sustainable solutions. 

I currently live in Ottawa, ON with my husband, two young boys, and two rescue dogs. I can't wait to meet you! 


About Bowda Creative Co. 

We are a woman owned and operated full service boutique creative communications and digital marketing agency. Since 2013, we have been helping Canadian  businesses, nonprofits and associations effectively communicate through strategic social media, marketing, branding and design, and so much more.

About The Content Club 

The Content Club (TCC) is a compilation of everything we have been building over the past 10+ years we've been in business and worked with hundreds of clients. Over countless discussions with said clients what they seem to struggle with the most is accountability - a lot of people are keen to do their own social media, but lack the tools and support to effectively do so. The truth is that you know your business/organization/audience better than anyone, so it only makes sense that you are part of your marketing! We believe that you have everything inside of you to be successful on social media, you just need a little guidance and cheerleading along the way. 

We've created a select few digital products (notably our DIY Social Media Strategy Template) and now we are putting all the pieces together coupled with our time, expertise, and other resources  to offer a program to not only equip you with the tools you need, but the support to get you over the finish line from draft to posted! 

How we'll spend our time together

APRIL 2024 

  • Program begins :) 

  • Theme: Strategy 

    • Week 1: Introductions + account audits​

    • Week 2: Brainstorming & analyzing 

    • Week 3: Co-working call #1 (complete Social Media Strategy Template) 

    • Week 4: Setting your accounts up for success 

MAY 2024 

  • Theme: Content Planning

    • Week 1: Content Pillars/Ideas ​

    • Week 2: Co-working call #2 

    • Week 3: Tools & Resources 

    • Week 4: Co-working call #3 

June 2024 

  • Theme: Data & Analytics 

    • Week 1: ​Looking at your data

    • Week 2: Co-working call #4

    • Week 3: Setting you up for success beyond TCC

    • Week 4: Co-working call #5 

  • Program ends :( 

What's included 

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